Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Venice, June 2012 : Sunflower at San Marco

Camera :  Leica M6TTL    Lens : Voightlander 21mm f4    Film : Ilford HP5     Developer : Ilford ID-11

A thunderstorm had just broken the heat and humidity of Venice in June - and flooded the Piazza San Marco!  I was watching as the staff assembled raised boards to enable visitors to enter the Basilica without getting their feet, or ankles and knees, wet.  I was hoping to get a few expressions of visitors coming out into the flood, having entered in blazing sunshine, I thought there may be a picture or two pending.

I turned briefly, more to check whether there was any further imminent likelihood of another downpour, when the lady with the sunflower appeared in front of me.

No time to focus, I raised the camera and pressed the shutter release as she approached and passed, followed by a crocodile of Chinese tourists - all following the sunflower...




  1. Nice shots, Eddie. Venice is on my list of places to see but my better half would want to go in summer and the crowds put me off. I'd rather go in January.

    1. Thanks Bruce

      I've been in Venice in January - it's absolutely freezing!! It apparently gets the cold air from the Alps (or whatever mountains are in the North) and it definitely feels like it. June is hot, humid and crowded - but street shots are easier then...




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